Asian Import Auto Repair Since 1985

We specialize in:

  • Japanese Auto Repair.
  • Korean Auto Repair.
  • Vehicle Maintenance for Asian and Import Autos.

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Auto Repair in Redding, CA

Ed’s Specialties, formerly known as Ed’s Honda Specialties, has always been known for their honesty and integrity since opening their doors on June 5, 1985. Each vehicle is treated like their own and only factory OEM or OEM equivalent parts are used. While a lot of auto repair facilities say they specialize in all autos, Ed’s Specialties truly specializes in Asian Imports. With their vast knowledge every job is done thoroughly and correctly… the first time.

They look to build a trusting relationship with their customer’s that lasts. Ed’s Specialties have family’s that have been with them since they opened in 1985! For over 40 years, Ed’s Specialties has been serving Asian Imports. Ed’s does such a great job, people are now sending their grandchildren to the auto repair shop.

Call Ed’s Specialties today to start building your relationship with a reputable Asian Import auto repair shop that you can trust for all your vehicle needs; from scheduled maintenance to major repairs and everything in between.

Conveniently located in Redding by Lowe’s Home Improvement, you can easily find our shop on Alfreda Way.

Toyota Truck Repair Redding CA

Our Services

Japanse Auto Repair

Honda Auto Repair Redding CA

Ed’s Specialties in Redding, CA got its start in auto repair working on Honda’s in 1985.

After specializing in Honda auto repair for many years, Ed’s added in other Japanese auto manufacturers. To this day, we work on some of the most popular Japanese models in America today.

We specialize in Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.

  • Acura Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Honda Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Infiniti Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Lexus Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Mazda Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Mitsubishi Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Nissan Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Subaru Auto Repair Redding CA
  • Toyota Auto Repair Redding CA

Korean Auto Repair

Kia Auto Repair Redding CA

In 1986, Hyundai broke into the United States auto market. They introduced a single model, the Hyundai Excel.

They sold 168.882 units in one year, breaking the single-year record for the first year in business. In 1992, Hyundai added in the 10 years or 100,000 miles, which resulted in a large number of sales. After tying Honda for initial brand quality in 2004, Hyundai has never looked back. Kia entered the United States in October of 1993 when they introduced the Sephia and the Sportage. Interestingly enough, Hyundai owns a 33.88% stake in Kia. Kia’s 10 year or 100,000 mile and sleek designs drive car owners to it’s brand. When Korean automakers became mainstream in the United States, Ed’s Specialties added to them to their list of auto repair lines.

We specialize in Hyundai and Kia.

  • Hyundai Auto Repair Redding CA
  • KIA Auto Repair Redding CA

Vehicle Maintenance for Asian and Import Autos

Honda Engine Repair Redding CA

While we can perform any repair that you need, we also can deliver regular maintenance services. Need an oil change? Oil changes are the best example of regularly scheduled maintenance. The old adage goes: “Every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles, whichever comes first” when it comes to getting your oil changed. Today, most modern vehicles can now go a bit longer between necessary service intervals. So, be sure to check your owner’s manual.

That being said it is important to keep in mind that your manufacturer’s service suggestions are based on ideal driving conditions. Redding has extreme heat, which can break down fluids and other things on your car faster. While we don’t have a lot of long stop and go commutes, we do like to tow our boats and campers. Extreme weather or excessive towing can often times be considered severe driving conditions.

Performing regularly scheduled maintenance is the most time and cost effective way to keep your vehicle running at its peak level of performance.

Give us a call or drive on in to our shop to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance services. You’ll be glad you did.

Services Offered

  • Oil Change in Redding CA


  • Car Brakes Repair Redding CA


  • Car Engine Repair Redding CA


  • Car Suspension Repair Redding CA


  • Car Electrical System Repair Redding CA


  • Car Transmission Repair Redding CA


  • Car Air Conditioning Repair Redding CA


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